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Too Old to Switch Careers?


TAn airline captain weighs in on whether you should consider the change.







Three weeks ago I flew from Austin to Tampa with Flying columnist Dick Karl in his personal Cessna Citation CJ1, and then interviewed him on camera for a V1 Rotate episode (and bonus episode). If you missed those videos I highly recommend them, because Dick is a really smart, interesting, and funny guy who has done a lot of neat things and has great stories to tell. 

The TL;DR [too long; didn’t read] version, however, is that Dick had a successful career as one of the nation’s leading cancer surgeons, but always admired and envied professional pilots even as he owned a succession of increasingly sophisticated airplanes. After retiring from medicine at age 68, Dick got himself hired as a Part 135 FO at JetSuite, and had a three-year second career in flying. Now 78 and retired again, Dick is still a super-sharp pilot, but age-related insurance challenges will likely be forcing him back down to the lower flight levels with the mere mortals. [editor’s note: Dick will be writing about this journey in his column “Gear Up” in the print edition of FLYING.]

San Francisco gives approval for police to deploy robots with lethal capabilities





San Francisco 市が警察に殺傷能力を搭載したRobotの配備を許可しました。



CBS Newsですので、Video ニュースです。


Supervisors in San Francisco voted Tuesday to give city police the ability to use potentially lethal, remote-controlled robots in emergency situations -- following an emotionally charged debate that reflected divisions on the politically liberal board over support for law enforcement.

The vote was 8-3, with the majority agreeing to grant police the option despite strong objections from civil liberties and other police oversight groups. Opponents said the authority would lead to the further militarization of a police force already too aggressive with poor and minority communities.


Quecto, Ronna: Meet the Newest Metric Prefixes

Scientists convened in Versailles to determine new terms for the biggest and smallest measurements.




かなり遅い Upとなりました。

度量単位の 新単位が定められたと言う話題からです。こういう単語を目にしたことありますか  ?   Metrics法とか、Prefix などなど..


You know kilo, centi, and milli, but how about ronto? Four new metric prefixes got the official stamp of approval last week at the 27th General Conference on Weights and Measures held at Versailles, the extravagant palace outside of Paris. The scientists who gathered there agreed on the need for new prefixes to account for the increasingly extreme numbers involved in scientific inquiry.

The new prefixes ronna and quetta refer to the largest numbers, while ronto and quectoapply to the smallest. Ronna is a 1 followed by 27 zeroes, and quetta is a 1 followed by 30 zeroes. Ronto is 10^-27, and quecto equates to 10^-30.


Inside the Gulfstream G700, a $75 million private jet that can fly from New York to India





以前に載せましたGulfstream G700の Private Jet, New York 〜 India搭乗のニュース。気楽にお読みください♪


Gulfstream's latest plane took my breath away.

The Savannah, Georgia-based manufacturer of ultra-luxurious private jets is out with a new flagship model that it hopes to certify with the Federal Aviation Administration in the coming months.

It's easy to see why the Gulfstream G700 is the new flagship.

With room for as many as 19 passengers — and enough space to sleep 13 of them, the G700 is one of the larger jets on the market. The Gulfstream G700 I walked through featured a bed and even a shower.

The $75 million private jet was the talk of the show at October’s National Business Aviation Association Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

Global regulators to target crypto platforms after FTX crash





Economics からちょっとお勉強...



LONDON, Nov 24 (Reuters) - The crash of FTX exchange has injected greater urgency into regulating the crypto sector and targeting such 'conglomerate' platforms will be the focus for 2023, the new chair of global securities watchdog IOSCO said in an interview.

Jean-Paul Servais said regulating crypto platforms could draw on principles from other sectors which handle conflicts of interest, such as at credit rating agencies and compilers of market benchmarks, without having to start from scratch.

NASA's Orion capsule races past the moon in a course-changing flyby





CBS NewsからのSpace記事です。

Video Newsですので、captionでお楽しみ、お米下さい!



Out of contact on the far side of the moon, NASA's unpiloted Orion crew capsule carried out a critical rocket firing and lunar flyby Monday, flinging the craft toward a distant orbit for tests intended to pave the way to a piloted flight in 2024.

NASA managers met Saturday, four days after Orion's sky-lighting launch, and gave flight controllers a "go" to proceed with Orion's "outbound powered flyby" maneuver, a two-and-a-half-minute firing of the spacecraft's main engine starting at 7:44 a.m. EST Monday.



Enoki mushrooms linked to Listeria outbreak in two states: public health officials

At least two people, one in Nevada and one in Michigan, have been infected — actual number likely higher, says CDC




ちょっと諸事情がありまして、遅めの更新です。新しいListeriaという感染症アメリカ2州で発生、しかもEnoki Mashroom(えのきたけ)からのLinkが懸念されています。

Video Newsですので、目を通してみて下さい!


Enoki mushrooms are being linked to a Listeria outbreak in two states.

Listeria monocytogenes infections have sparked a collaborative investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and public health and regulatory officials. 

At least two people, one in Nevada and one in Michigan, have been infected by the strain since November 15 and were hospitalized, though the CDC says the actual number of those infected is likely higher. "This is because some people recover without medical care and are not tested for Listeria," the CDC noted in its report.