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Bilingualism in The Sky


Pilot and Air Traffic Controller Communication in a Foreign Language

Dr. Francois Grosjean interviews Dr. Bürki-Cohen

フランコ グロスジーン博士がビューキコーヘン博士にインタビュー

There are some 100,000 commercial flights each day in the world, which means that literally millions of interactions take place between pilots and air traffic controllers, very often in a foreign language since English is the international language of civil aviation.


This entails a special form of bilingualism as it is very domain-specific and has to be optimal at all times. How does it take place?


How efficient is it? Are there breakdowns and if so, what are they due to? What still needs to be improved?

これはどのように効果的であるのか? 失敗はないのであろうか?、あるとすれば、何によって?どう改善すればいいのか方法はあるのか?

Dr. Judith Bürki-Cohen, formerly a senior scientist at the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of the Secretary, Research and Technology, has worked extensively on these questions.

ジュディスバーキ コーヘン博士、内務、研究、及び技術の運輸省室の主任科学者で、これらの質問に対し広範囲にわたり研究してきている。

What percentage of communication between pilots and air traffic controllers involves English as a foreign language for one or both parties, would you say?


In non-English speaking countries, near 100 percent, because few air traffic controllers and only some pilots are native speakers of English.


In countries where English is the official language, it will depend on the percentage of international flights or international student pilots. This will vary according to region.


Who is responsible for making sure that both air traffic controllers and pilots are sufficiently proficient to talk to one another in English?


The civil aviation authorities in each country, which are affiliated with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


For all pilots and air traffic controllers, it requires proficiency in aviation phraseology.


Since March 2011, ICAO also requires general English language proficiency for pilots and controllers flying internationally or interacting with international flights.







言いたい事はお分かりでしょうか? 私もパイロットとして情けない限りです。ちなみに私は、アメリカのパイロットであり、教官であり、技量はパスしておりますが...

Retrofit Avionics Market Sees Strong Sales (改良された既存の航空機器市場に強い販売意識が)

Aircraft owners are making investments in new technology.



With the 2020 ADS-B Out mandate rapidly approaching, and as more and more aircraft operators are realizing the benefits of advanced cockpit systems, an increasing number of owners are opting to add retrofit avionics systems to their aircraft.

2020年にADS–B(Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast:航空機搭載機器で、現在の位置と高度を発信するシステムです。航空機のカテゴリ情報、対気速度、識別、航空機の旋回、上昇、降下などを発信します。)の導入が法制化される日が急速に近ずいている、さらに、航空機運航者は、進化したコックピットシステムの恩恵を理解し、所有者の多くが近年、所有の飛行機に改良された電子機器を追加する傾向にある。

The Aircraft Electronics Association reported that there was a significant increase in the retrofit market.

In its 2017 year-end Avionics Market Report, AEA reported a total business and general avionics net sales figure of more than $2.3 billion worldwide.


This figure includes components and accessories, hardware, batteries and product upgrades, but does not include repairs and overhauls, extended warranties or subscription services.





This is the first time since 2014 that the industry has seen an increase in sales – in this case an uptick of 2.9 percent over 2016.
A total of $1.34 billion in 2017 represented retrofits to airplanes after original production, while $984 million accounted for forward-fit avionics (retrofit avionics installed by the aircraft manufacturer at the time of production). Actual retrofit installations saw an increase in sales of more than 20 percent. The companies that recorded the location of the sales reported that 73.5 percent of the retrofit sales took place in North America.


“Many avionics shops are telling us that aircraft owners are electing to order full-panel avionics upgrades rather than just the ADS-B equipment,” said AEA president Paula Derks. “It will be interesting to see whether the retrofit market continues to grow significantly in the next two years as the mandate draws closer.”
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Londonの New ATC Center



Safer, more effective and cost efficient - digital remote towers are revolutionising air traffic management. Find out more and take a step beyond the screen in our 360 degree tour.

安全で、より効率よく費用対効果も ー デジタルな遠隔地操作の管制塔が航空交通管制の革新的なものになっています。さらに詳しくは、360度のツアーをお楽しみください。

Airbus Debut

Airbus out ahead of Boeing's 797 with new jet

Airbus launched its much-anticipated A321LR on Wednesday. The plane took its maiden flight from of the European plane maker's factories in Hamburg, Germany.


UA機 Emergency Landing (緊急着陸)

#ua1175 so glad we are all safe after our emergency landing.

United Airlinesの1175便が飛行中エンジンのカウルフラップが吹っ飛び、エンジンがむき出しのまま緊急着陸をしました。乗客全員は無事でありました。




英語の習慣化として、他の事故の記事も Titlesも読んでみましょう。


Latest Boston Robot

Boston Dynamics' latest robot can open a door and hold it while you walk inside.








Air Taxi Startup Joby Aviation


Joby’s website says, “More than a billion people on planet Earth spend more than an hour a day in traffic.


Transportation emissions are one of the largest sources of pollution.


” Thanks to the $100 million Joby just raised from a variety of investors, including the venture capital arms of JetBlue, Toyota and Intel, the startup might be well on its way to creating the safe, affordable and sustainable air taxi the company’s engineers have been dreaming of for a decade.

When added to earlier funding rounds, Joby now has approximately $130 million on hand to lead the development of the new air taxi.