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Kilauea Eruptions in Big Island, Hawaii

(CNN) — Residents on the Big Island face several threats Monday from Kilauea: In addition to the possibility of more eruptions, lava from two lava flows is oozing into the ocean, sending hydrochloric acid and volcanic glass particles into the air.
That's producing laze, a dangerous mix of lava and haze, which is adding to the ongoing challenges. Levels of sulfur dioxide have tripled in emissions. And Kilauea Volcano's summit had several small ash emissions Sunday, releasing plumes of gas and billowing steam.
Over the weekend, a man sitting on his porch was hit in the leg by a lava bomb, leaving him seriously hurt, according to Hawaii County Civil Defense Administrator Talmadge Magno. It's the first serious injury reported since the volcano began erupting May 3.






Humanoid Robots

Boston Dynamics社の新ロボットの発表で、公園を自力で走っているビデオを公開しています。




Pipistrel New Concept for eVTOL


Imagine an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle for urban travel that’s quieter, safer, more affordable and more environmentally friendly than a traditional helicopter.


At this week’s Uber Elevate Summit, Pipistrel, an Uber Elevate partner, revealed an aircraft the company thinks might fit that bill.

今週開かれているUber社のElevate Summit(発展会議)に於いて、パートナー社のPipistrel社が予算に見合う様な航空機を発表しました。

The Pipistrel eVTOL concept uses dedicated propulsion systems for cruising and vertical lift and is part of a proposed family of aircraft capable of carrying between two and six people.






Uber unveils flying car prototype



久し振りのUberの Flying Air Taxiのお披露目です。




A350 Vertical Takeoff

Airshowでの久し振りのCombat  Takeoff です。

Airbus has currently built or started production on at least 237 Airbus A350s, but the second one ever built is still turning heads. Airbus’ second-ever A350-900XWB (MSN002, registration F-WWCF) is currently employed by the aircraft manufacturer for airshows, relief flights and testing cabin innovations.

The Airbus test pilots who fly it in airshows love to show off what it can do, and they put the aircraft on full display at ILA Berlin last weekend:

New Shepard’s 8th test flight


Launch preparations are underway for New Shepard’s 8th test flight, as we continue our progress toward human spaceflight.

Blue Origin社の新Shepard 8のテストフライトが発射準備を実施中。人類の宇宙飛行に向けての発展を続けています。

Currently targeting Sunday 4/29 with launch window opening up at 830am CDT. Livestream info to come. @BlueOrigin #GradatimFerociter

現在の予定では、現地時間4月29日日曜日、発射可能の時間枠は8時30分(CDT:中部夏時間)からである。ライブ配信を予定しており、@BlueOrigin #GradatimFerociterをご覧ください。

こちらもEmergency Landing...




Incredible pilot skills 👍🏻during emergency landing without landing gear, they all walk out safely 🙏🏻